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Property to rent Green Shutters 10043 
Property location Hope Town-inside street    Hope Town, Abaco Bahamas 

Elbow Cay Properties
Rental Policy
Please read carefully

Dear Elbow Cay Properties Guest:

Thank you for choosing Elbow Cay Properties for your vacation. Please keep in mind that this booking is not confirmed until an agent has contacted you and you have received a booking confirmation. A VISA or MasterCard number will be required for your booking. We do not allow Sunday check-ins unless it has been previously cleared with the office.

IF YOU PLAN ON RENTING A GOLF CART PLEASE DO IT TODAY! THEY SELL OUT WELL IN ADVANCE. Contact information for cart rental companies is below.

Although you will be vacationing in paradise, things are not always perfect. We do have occasional power outages, so we suggest that each of you bring your own personal flashlight and batteries. Although advertised for some of our houses, we cannot guarantee that TVs, internet, cable, or phones will always be operational. Water is a precious commodity, thus washers are not available to renters unless otherwise indicated. There are laundry facilities on the island.

Please note that most establishments only accept MasterCard, VISA, and cash. We do not have an ATM on the island, but you can get cash from the bank on Tuesdays from 10AM to 2PM.

BE SURE TO REMEMBER that all individuals travelling to the Bahamas need to have a valid passport!

Please keep in mind that while Elbow Cay is a very safe place, we do recommend that you lock your doors while you are out and at night. Occasionally, we have crimes of opportunity on the island (petty theft). We suggest that you keep wallets and cash on your person when you are not occupying the house. If windows/doors do not close properly or you have issues locking the house, please notify our office and we will assist you.

Many of our homes' rental rates vary based on the number of bedrooms rented. The unused bedrooms will be locked off. Please note that the number of bedrooms appearing on the reservation confirmation you receive is the total number of bedrooms available, not what has been reserved. If upon arrival, you decide that you want the extra bedroom, your credit card will be charged the difference. Please let us know if an extra guest will be accompanying you. You will be charged a minimum of $150.00 per extra person.


Checkout time is no later than 9:30 AM and check-in time is no earlier than 2 PM. (Note: If no one is coming into your house on the day you depart, we may set up a later checkout time. If no one has been in your house you may check in earlier.)

Our cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel more than 90 days prior to arrival, you will receive a refund less 5% of the total rental. If you cancel less than 90 days before arrival, there are absolutely no refunds unless we can re-rent the house for those same dates; there is a minimum of a 5% cancellation fee. Your rental is non-refundable during the two weeks before and after Christmas and Easter, regardless of your cancellation date, unless we re-rent the house. Again, there is a minimum of a 5% cancellation fee.

For the most up to date information on ferry schedules & pricing, please visit: http://www.alburysferry.com/

Golf carts and boats should be reserved well in advance of your arrival ESPECIALLY for Christmas rentals, rentals that occur during the four weeks before and after Easter, and the months of June and July. WE RECOMMEND BOOKING YOUR BOAT AND CART RENTALS WHEN YOU RESERVE YOUR HOUSE! Although we cannot book them for you, here is a list of places that we can recommend:

Cat's Paw- (242) 366-0380 - www.catspawboatrentals.com/
Sea Horse Marine- (242) 366-0023 - www.sea-horse.com/
Island Marine- (242) 366-0282 - www.islandmarine.com/
Waterways- (242) 365-6143 - www.waterwaysrentals.com/
Conch Pearl Rentals- (242) 365-6502 - www.conchpearlboatrentals.com/
Abaco Dorado - (242) 367- 1035 - www.abacodoradoboatrentals.com/
Blue Wave- (242) 367-3910 - www.bluewaverentals.com/
Rainbow Rentals- (242) 367-4602 - www.rainbowboatrentals.com/

Island Cart Rentals- (242)366-0448- http://islandcartrentals.com/
Elbow Cay Cart Rentals- (242)366-0530- http://elbowcaycartrentals.com/terms.htm
T & N Cart Rentals- (242)366-0069- http://tandn_cart_rentals.html
Hope Town Cart Rentals- (242)366-0064- www.hopetowncartrental.com
JR's Cart Rentals- (242)366-0361- http://juniorscartrentals.com/

Please note that only two companies rent to houses on the North End of the island, T&N Cart Rentals & Elbow Cay Cart Rentals. We do not allow traffic through the settlement. If you are staying on the North End, you cart must remain on the North End. If you are staying in town or on the South End, your cart must remain on the South End of town. Please donít let this be a deterrent! Our town is only the size of a small shopping mall and is easily walkable. Plus, all the restaurants on the South End offer a free taxi to and from town!

Please contact Tiny Travelers at tinytravelersht@gmail.com

Elbow Cay Properties

Elbow Cay Properties
Local Phone: (242) 366-0569
Fax: (242) 366-0518
Long Distance: (561) 228-1004
Email: info@elbowcayproperties.com

Elbow Cay Properties
Phone: (242) 366-0569, (561) 228-1004
Email: info@elbowcayproperties.com
Hope Town
Elbow Cay
Abaco, Bahamas